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  • Workplace cliques harassment

    What are workplace cliques? Workplace cliques are groups of employees who socialize together outside of work. These groups can be based on anything from shared interests to demographics. Cliques can form naturally or be formed by management in an attempt to foster team building. While cliques can have some positive effects, they can also lead […]

  • Willful insubordination

    What is willful insubordination? Willful insubordination is the intentional act of refusing to comply with an order from a superior officer. It is a form of insubordination and is considered a serious offense in the military. In some cases, it can be penalized with a court-martial. The definition of insubordination Insubordination is the act of […]

  • Why do you want to work parttime

    The Pros of Working Part-Time While a part-time job may not pay as much as a full-time job, there are some definite advantages to working part-time, especially if you’re still in school or have young children at home. Here are some of the pros of working part-time: You can earn extra money without committing to […]

  • What shifts are you available to work

    Introduction In order to best match your availability with our needs, please let us know what shifts you are available to work. Please keep in mind that our needs can change week to week, so we may not be able to accommodate your requested days/times all the time. However, we will do our best to […]

  • What is the role of hr business partner

    The role of HR business partner HR business partner is a strategic role that aligns business objectives with employees and management in an organization.The HR business partner works closely with the organization’s senior leaders to develop and implement HR strategies. The role of HR business partner is to advise and support line managers on a […]

  • What is misconduct on the job

    What is misconduct? Misconduct on the job is defined as any action that goes against the company’s rules and regulations. This can include anything from stealing to showing up late to work. If you are accused of misconduct, you may be subject to disciplinary action from your employer, which could include a suspension or even […]

  • What is included in medicare wages on w2

    Introduction Medicare wages are those that are subject to Medicare taxes. This includes wages from employment, self-employment, and certain types of pension income. The Medicare tax rate is 2.9%, with employers and employees each paying 1.45%. What is included in medicare wages on w2? There are a few things that are included in medicare wages […]

  • What is form 1042s used for

    What is form 1042-S? A form 1042-S is a tax form used to report certain income types. This form is used by people who receive income from sources other than wages, salaries, or tips. This form is used by people who receive interest, dividends, pensions, royalties, or other types of income. The form 1042-S is […]

  • What is a picker in a warehouse

    What is a picker in a warehouse? In a warehouse, a picker is someone who works with a picking cart to choose the correct items from shelves or racks in order to fill customer orders. A picker may also be known as an order picker or a warehouse selector. The different types of picking methods […]

  • What is a gynecologist salary

    What is a Gynecologist? Gynecologists are medical doctors who specialize in the health of the female reproductive system. Gynecologists provide care for women of all ages, from adolescence through menopause. They often serve as a primary care provider for their patients. Gynecologists can also work in a variety of settings, including private practices, hospitals, and […]