Accounts payable clerk definition

What is an accounts payable clerk?

An accounts payable clerk is responsible for a company’s bills and invoices. They make sure that vendors and suppliers are paid in a timely manner and that all payment records are kept up to date.

The accounts payable clerk is often the first point of contact for vendors and suppliers, so it’s important that they have good customer service skills. They also need to be able to work quickly and efficiently in order to keep up with the high volume of payments that need to be processed each month.

Duties and responsibilities of accounts payable clerk

Accounts payable clerks, also called AP clerks or AP specialists, have a vital role in companies. They are responsible for processing invoices and maintaining accurate records of payments.

The AP clerk’s duties begin when an invoice arrives at the company. The AP clerk verifies that the invoice is accurate and that the goods or services have been received. They then enter the invoice into the accounting system and prepare it for payment.

When it’s time to pay the invoice, the AP clerk will generate a check or make an electronic payment. They will also update the accounting records to reflect the payment. After the payment has been made, the AP clerk will file the paid invoice in accordance with company policy.

AP clerks must have strong attention to detail and good math skills. They should be able to use accounting software and have experience with Microsoft Office suite.

Qualifications and skills of an accounts payable clerk

An accounts payable clerk is responsible for processing invoices and payments for a company. They typically work in the accounting department and report to the accounting manager. Accounts payable clerks need to have excellent attention to detail, math skills, and computer skills. They must be able to keep up with a large volume of work and be able to meet deadlines.


Most companies prefer that accounts payable clerks have at least an associate’s degree in accounting or a related field. Some companies may require a bachelor’s degree.


Strong attention to detail
Good math skills
Computer proficiency, especially with accounting software
Excellent time management and organizational skills
Ability to multitask and prioritize work

Salary of an accounts payable clerk

The average salary for an accounts payable clerk is $34,000 per year. The salary range for this position is $30,000 to $40,000 per year.

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